** Blood Fundraising **

Thanks to all of the bloody marvellous people who helped us raise $11,335 during our fundraising campaign for Trunk two: Blood.

We are extremely grateful for each of you. Whether you’ve contributed, or purchased a perk, we thank you!

We are in serious production!

All the best from the bottoms of our beating hearts,

Meredith and Suzanne

** Trunk at detnk.com **

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** Trunk, Volume One: Hair (UTS) **

The Trunk series explores the way the human body bisects the world of art and writing. Volume One: Hair, begins at the top with one of the most contested and contradictory body parts – simultaneously a symbol of attraction and revulsion.

More at uts.edu.au

** Trunk Volume 1: Hair (Two Thousand) **

The casting call for Hair (the book) was probably pretty similar to that of Hair (the musical). Seeking: bearded Jesus look-alikes (Portuguese Christian Princess St. Wilgefortis makes an appearance), long-haired hippies (we don’t know that for sure, but some of the contributors seem like likely candidates), stylised afros (from the ridgey-didge Aboriginal versions to African parlours in Enmore) and sexual overtones (a poem on pubes, par example). The follicularly-challenged need not apply.

More at twothousand.com.au

** Trunk on design-milk **

Trunk books are a new series of personal, sensual books that are intended to be filled with beautiful and fascinating content. The idea is that they’re filled with treasure, just like an old trunk in the attic.

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** Volume Two: Call for submissions **


Submissions due December 31 2010

further details on the two: BLOOD page


Download submission guidelines

** Volume One: HAIR launch **

Launch of Trunk Volume One: Hair
Edited by Suzanne Boccalatte & Meredith Jones

Published by Boccalatte Pty Ltd.

Please join us at the Sydney Writers’ Festival to celebrate.

Sunday, 24 May 2009, 6.00pm–7.30pm

Refreshments will be served
Bangarra Mezzanine
Pier 4/5, Hickson Road, Walsh Bay

** Twisted whiskers (SMH) **

An artistic volume teases out the cultural, religious and social significance of human hair.

WE LOVE it cascading from a woman’s head, long, thick and lustrous. We admire it arching above a smokily kohled eye. But catch a hair in the mouth or, worse, in the back of the throat and the reaction is repulsion. Find a strand, a strand that is not ours, floating in a bowl of soup and the meal is ruined. Defiled even.

More at smh.com.au

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